C调版 Zee Avi《Bitter Heart》吉他和弦弹唱谱

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C调版 Zee Avi《Bitter Heart》吉他和弦弹唱谱歌词
Sun rays come down
as seen when they hit the ground
Children spinning around
Til’they fall down down down

I wait for you
It’s been two hours now
and you’re still somewhere in town
your dinner’s getting cold

I rest my case
you are always this late
and you know how much I hate
waiting around, round, round

Bitter heart, bitter heart
tries to keep it all inside
Bitter heart, bitter heart
shadows will help you try to hide
Bitter heart my bitter heart
is getting just a little fragile
Bitter heart, bitter heart
of mine

And then you come
and tell me the same reason
that you did yesterday
so tell me what’s her name

du du du du ~~
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